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For one of our websites which is currently under development we are looking for an enthusiastic Administrator/Moderator. Because this website is totally free for visitors and at the moment thus no income is generated from advertisements we are looking for volunteers who want to brush up their CV and/or students related to this subject and are looking to get more experience on the subject of their study. If in the future, partly due to your contribution, we start generating revenue you will of course benefit.
Your tasks would be:
  • Open and maintain new Forum topics.
  • Inform and advice visitors which placed new topics on the forum.
  • Build on existing issues a more wider articles based on your experience and study progress.
  • Monitor text messages and or topics placed on distorted so the website of improper behavior.
  • Chat to visitors which looks for direct contact if they have a question and built a good report with the audience visiting our sites.
  • Advise and comment for further optimization of our websites is greatly appreciated!
The requirement for these volunteers job is a good command of the Dutch en English language. A progressed study or graduation. preferably Law. A personal interest in the field of subject of our websites. However most importantly we find it important you have a good drive and motivation to perform these tasks. If you have some free time over and would to get more experienced in the filed you are working or studying please let us know and visit our contact form page.