Our standard customization prices are:
Template + Installation:
99€ 69€

Installing your Logo:
49€ 39€

Change color scheme:
109€ 79€

Installing your content (up to 6 pages):
399€ 319€
including one year
750€ 549€

Who we are
Blauwhouse was Established in 2010 and is affiliated with Shibosi Trading ever since. We are a young, dynamic rapidly growing company. Providing a full operational service for the online retail industry we find ourselves in the heart of a always changing and fast-growing industry.
The Basis of Blauwhouse exists from owning and developing hundreds of web domains. Equally important to our business is the development and design of corporate websites. All with responsive design and loading perfectly on every device available. Please contact us for more information for web design and web development or check our website