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was invented to share information. It is built for putting unstructured data online without restricting the form, purpose and the way of the usage. It is never intended to be used as a mass broadcasting medium where one transmits a message and everybody is obliged to listen. Because of this design where everybody can freely decide what to present and others are free to take it, the internet is such a great success. A lot of web development projects try to push users to doing things. The problem is they don't have any users to push and these users will decide themselves which stuff they find interesting or usable. It is the same way as you use the internet yourself. An issue is the adaptiveness of the website or application. Separate devices, systems, platforms, browsers, applications etc. exist for a reason: they are for separate means. Avoid to generalise and unify them for one purpose, it will most of the time not work. Just like clothes: there are sport clothes, working outfit, mens or womens clothes. Nobody tries to create a general outfit  for every person and event. Technically it might be possible, but it is not the way people use clothing. It is not really different with computers. If you need a website for a certain use case on the desktop, it cannot automatically converted to a certain mobile device. The screen sizes are different, the input devices are different, the expectations are different. Therefore most of the time it is wiser to just develop these entirely separately.
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Domain Names
A domain name is linked to a website. Without a domain name you are untraceable. A domain name is basically every name that you see with the addition .nl .com, etc. But what is a domain name? Why would you need to buy a domain name? What can you with it? or more importantly What do you want to do with it? A domain name is a placeholder for an internet address. Technically refers to a domain name a piece of space on a server with an internet service provider where the website is placed. Originally these addresses where numbers but translated to words and names for the easiness of remembering them. You are free to choose a domain name. Many chosen domains are and Each House & company has a private address, so it is to be found by anyone with the correct company or person. To find a website, you need the address of the Web site. A domain name is another name for an internet address. Technically refers to a domain name a piece of space on a server at an ISP. Originally constructed from these addresses are numbers series, e.g.: Because words are generally easier to remember than a number, is chosen to attach a name to a sequence of numbers. In fact, this is similar to a phone book, where names also refer to phone numbers.