Our standard customization prices are:
Template + Installation:
99€ 69€

Installing your Logo:
49€ 39€

Change color scheme:
109€ 79€

Installing your content (up to 6 pages):
399€ 319€
including one year
750€ 549€

Whether you just want to upgrade your existing website or a new website to be put on for both web design and web development you can visit BlauwHouse!
Web design and Web development are broad concepts. In principle it is everything which (for a company) can be designed and developed on the Internet. This can be a simple website where you or your organization wants to be re-presented to the development of Apps.
Now only €30 p / h
We charge only € 30 per hour for restyling your website. Redesigning means that you want to adapt to the latest technology so that even on tablets or smartphones your website looks great. But it can also mean that you want to adjust the colors on your website, add or modify pages , texts and photos. Send us an email and include your website URL and desired adjustments . We will respond to you as soon as possible .
Budget website:
As low as €199
With discount now only € 125
A budget website is a professional website for a small budget . You can choose a ready-made-design, with only one page . You provide the text and we make sure your website looks great . This package is ideal for e.g. independent advisors who want to make their services and experience visible to their audience.
Small Business:
As low as €500
Now from € 300
A website for small business like a small constructing agency , consulting , healthcare , etc. is ideal for smaller entrepreneurs . For as low as € 300 your website consists of 6 pages , a contact form , possibly a photo album and links to your social networks . You will be given access to the 'admin' section of the website where you can manage the photos and articles on your website.
Corporate website:
As low as €750
Now from € 500
This website has a custom layout tailored to your house style and has an unlimited number of pages. There is also the possibility for a limited number of modules as a blog , newsletter system etc. With the CMS you will have full control over the content of your website .
Comprehensive website:
As low as €1,500
Now from € 1,000
A customized website with either multiple layouts per page . This website has several modules, such as a protected area , advanced user management , forum , customer portal , etc. All modules are fully furnished to your requirements and integrated into your website. Send us an email and include your website URL and requirements . We will respond to you as soon as possible
Leave it up to us to market your services with a striking presence on the web. Your website will be professional, lively and full of energy. It will influence and impress your audience. You can be sure that the website we make for you is adapted to your needs and requirements. We design and build affordable websites for companies, institutions and individuals. Whether you want a standard website or customized, we build websites for every budget. Throughout the development process, we keep you informed of the progress during our regular meetings. Finally, refers to the sign of your company or organization on the Internet. We will deliver a fully customized website to your satisfaction.