Our standard customization prices are:
Template + Installation:
99€ 69€

Installing your Logo:
49€ 39€

Change color scheme:
109€ 79€

Installing your content (up to 6 pages):
399€ 319€
including one year
750€ 549€

Concept development is an appeal to creativity, empathy and perseverance. Three properties that also Blauwhouse attributes. Are you working on a new product or service? Do you want to enter a new market? Blauwhouse helps you on your way and advises you in the many opportunities to market your product or service well.
A good idea is actually nothing more than the value of an idea. When people have a 'good feeling' and are enthusiastic about the idea it makes it easier to encourage these people to make a sale or conversion. However, it is a tricky step to create a value based on the idea. Blauwhouse develops it's concepts further. Our concept development is fully customized and adapts to the wishes and needs, sales and conversion would then be the next logical step. It is always our aim however never our main purpose.
Blauwhouse is always looking for new opportunities. If you think you have a great idea for a new concept in the Netherlands or one with International potential please feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas with us. We help you to elaborate, investigate the production costs, market research, turnaround time and appropriate marketing activities. Blauwhouse has great experience within the concept development. Various online concepts of a wide variety are marketed with success. If you have a good idea but lack the means and skill for development. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.