Our standard customization prices are:
Template + Installation:
99€ 69€

Installing your Logo:
49€ 39€

Change color scheme:
109€ 79€

Installing your content (up to 6 pages):
399€ 319€
including one year
750€ 549€

What we do
Blauwhouse specializes in customize web solutions. If you want it, we can build it! We service clients ranging from start-up businesses to complex websolutions. Our new site will publish information about everything we do and anything you can imagine that relates to e-Business. The internet is a huge platform where daily new ideas and applications are launched. We are right on top of these developments and when anything interesting will be picked up and shared with our customers. Please always feel free to reach out to one of our specialists here through our Contact Page
"Blauwhouse creates valuable, usable and feasible internet products"
Blauwhouse owns hundreds of top class domain names in different TLD's. In some cases we have entire combinations of one domain name available in different TLD's. We have more ideas then time is giving us to work them. We own more domains then we need for our own development planning. All our domains are on the market for Sale pending our development. Check our pages regularly and see which domains are available. The domain names we own vary from web shop names and domains for affiliated marketing programs to healthcare, financial products, real estate and domains for non-profit institutions. We are constantly looking for new domains, ideas and business opportunities.