Our standard customization prices are:
Template + Installation:
99€ 69€

Installing your Logo:
49€ 39€

Change color scheme:
109€ 79€

Installing your content (up to 6 pages):
399€ 319€
including one year
750€ 549€

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Blauwhouse is a young, dynamic and ambitious company.
We develop internet concepts and own a large amount of URL's in various TLD's. Most of them are up for sale or rent while we develop new concepts. Check conceptdevelopment in the top menu if you wish to have more information on this. We are not only driven by technology but driven by an idea. We develop and build websites corporations. Equipped with powerful features and clear design we present your company in whatever way you like.
Blauwhouse is affiliated with Shibosi Trading Ltd. in Shanghai. Let us know if you are interested in doing business with us and fill out the contact form under the main menu, 'contact' or click on below link. We will contact you as soon as possible.


If you are looking for a professional business partner, the solution is right here!

Within a couple of minutes you will understand how we work and opperate our business. If you want more information please click on the below 'contact us' button.

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Wij zijn creatieve realisten voor Webdesign & Webdevelopment volgens de laatste eisen en standaarden en zichtbaar op elk (mobiel) apparaat.

Binnen enkele minuten begrijp je hoe wij ons bedrijf runnen. Altijd op zoek naar nieuwe mogelijkheden en die de techniek ten dienste van de mens zet, dus niet andersom.

Kijk voor onze prijzen en mogelijkheden eens op onlinwebdesigner